It’s been a tough year for all of us, no races, no socializing, not much of anything.

Let’s change that, let’s just all get together for a relaxed fun run and tell that pandemic what we think of it and where to go.

                           Saturday, September 19, 8:00am

             Putnam County Jr. High School, McNabb — Think Fat Ass course

If you haven’t run on this beautiful road course, you’re going love it- Guaranteed!

Miles will be marked 1—5 for those of you who would like to get a ten miler in but this isn’t a ten mile run, this is run of whatever distance you want to make it.   

There will be a couple of aid stations (bottled water) and a porta pot at the start/finish line and if you feel the need out on the course there are plenty of woods to duck into.

This Fun Run is for “Members Only”.

Not a member, not a problem. You can join and the membership will be good thru Dec 31st of 2021. Membership fees are $8.00 for a Student, $15.00 for a Single, $25.00 for a Couple and $31.00 for a Family.

This is something a couple of bored old runners dreamed up and if you would like to ask either of us any questions:

Carol —   309-238-2697

Bob —   815-488-0463