We are sad to announce that the torrential rains of a couple weeks ago caused a major washout of the tow path used for the Canal Connection.
We were originally assured by IDNR that the tow path would be fixed in time for the race, but unfortunately we’ve just been informed that the project is still in “engineering” and will not be repaired for several weeks, and as a result that section of the tow path is CLOSED.
As a result, we have re-routed the course. It is now an out and back on the canal from Utica.
The revised course will actually be on the tow path more than the original course was.
The race will start behind the Canal Market building (249-299 S. Clark St., Utica, Il. 61373). The course will head east on the tow path (a different section than has been used in the past), a little more than a mile before a turnaround. The course will then head back to Utica, cut across town, and go out on the tow path west of Utica about 1-1/2 before turning and coming back, finishing the course like in the past.
Below is a link to the revised map of the course. While the map is accurate on the course directions, the designated mile markers shown are not.
The course has been accurately measured to assure that it is the proper 10K distance.
Due to the changes, note that everyone still meeting in Utica, but since the start and finish are in Utica, you will not be bused to LaSalle.
Packet pick-up, and the finish line and after party are in the same place/facility (Waltham school, the old school campus at 248 W. Canal St., Utica, Il), as they have been in the past. The start line will be about a 2 block walk from the finish line (east and south).
Thank you for your understanding.
Link to map: