Board Approves Rules for 2021 Circuit

As we head into the 2021 running season, there is still a lot of uncertainty about a number of races that are normally part of the Starved Rock Runner Circuit Schedule, which has resulted in changes to how “Circuit Awards” will work for 2021.
For 2021 circuit awards will NOT be based on place of finish within your given age group. The circuit has been simplified to: one (1) point being rewarded to each participant for running/walking and/or volunteering for a race.
If a race has multiple distances, you may do any distance and receive one (1) point for that race.

The Circuit will be based on 12 Circuit Races.

If number of available races extend beyond 12 races, it will not change requirements for awards. If races are canceled not providing a total of 12 races to be achievable, the required numbers races may be lowered for each award level.

Awards will be based on the amount of completed races.

Youth (19 and under) and Seniors (65 and Up):
Bronze Level: 3 completed races,
Silver Level: 4-5-6 races completed,
Gold Level: 7+ races completed

All Others (20yrs old to 64yrs old):
Bronze Level: 4-5-6 races completed,
Silver Level: 7-8-9 races completed,
Gold Level: 10+ races completed
(Age is based on your age as of 1JAN2021)

Members may volunteer for any or all of the five club races (Lori’s Walleye Run 5K,Boo Milby 5K, Restless Runners 5K, Run The Path 10K and Turkey Trot 3 mile), to receive their point for the race. Only one (1) point will be awarded if you both volunteer and run the race.

Volunteer positions will be limited to what is needed for each race. Volunteers will be taken on a first come first serve basis by the Race Director. Once the volunteer list is filled, no additional volunteers will receive points for said race.

Virtual Race option: To meet virtual race credit requirements, one may complete a virtual race option that is offered by the race. Participant must be registered for the virtual race option (Proof of registration may be required).

Virtual race option must be run on the day of the scheduled event and completed outdoors as to face the same elements that the race participants face. Treadmill or indoor track running will not qualify.

Participants must submit a screen shot of their completed virtual race with a map as proof of being completed outdoors within 2 days of the scheduled event. Youth and seniors may submit one (1) virtual race for credit. The remainder may submit two (2) virtual races for credit.

If a race changes their race date, and it is moved to a day when there is another scheduled Circuit Race on the calendar, only the original scheduled race for that day is eligible for the circuit point. The rescheduled race will be viewed as if the race was canceled. If you run both races in person or virtual, you will only receive a point for one race. If a rescheduled race is moved to an unoccupied date on the Circuit Schedule, you may earn a point for that race.

To qualify for a Circuit point, memberships must be paid for the current year on or before the date of the race.

(Subject to change)