Result for the 2020 election to the Starved Rock Runners Board of Directors are in.

Three new candidates will be welcomed to the Board at the January 21st meeting.

The newly elected candidates were Kory Katkus, Greg Vaccaro and Bill Vesely.

Incumbents that were reelected were Rosanne Abbott, Janine Sobin, Randy Pratt, Mary Beth Potthoff and Mitch Hobbs.

The SRRL Board is comprised of 16 members, each serving a two year term. The elections are on a rotating basis where half of the seats (8), are open for election every year.

Nominations to the Board are accepted prior to November 1st, and ballots are sent to members over 18 in the month of December.

The candidates who’s terms will expire December 31st of 2020 are, Joe Bornac, Carroll Lulay, Tim Novak, Carol Pratt, Dan Rolando, Deb Wackerline, Mark Wackerline, and Bob Zeglis