2019 Board and Officers Elected

Election of the Board of Directors for the Starved Rock Runners were recently held, and officers were elected at the Board meeting on January 15th. Board members re-elected to serve a two year term were: Joe Bornac, Carol Pratt, Dan Rolando, Tim Novack, Carroll Lulay, Mark Wackerline and Bob Zeglis.

Board members remaining on the Board with their terms expiring December 31st of this year are: Rosanne Abbott, Barbra Harte, Mitch Hobbs, Mary Beth Potthoff, Tom Smith, Janine Sobin, John Steele and Randy Pratt.

Newly elected Officers (nominated and elected from within the Board of Directors) are: Carroll Lulay – President, Mark Wackerline – Vice President, John Steele – Treasurer, Janine Sobin – Secretary, Bob Zeglis – Pacesetter Editor.