No Super Bowl Sunday Fun Run in 2016

Since we’ve been getting questions about the Super Bowl Sunday Fun Run, we felt it necessary to post that unfortunately the event will not be held this year.
The two major contributing factors were: after our last run, the Starved Rock Runners were notified by the Starved Rock State Park Officials that in the future, a permit would have to be obtained for us to run in the park.
The second major complication is an insurance issue.
Without a registration form (which acts as a waiver, and a form enlisting participants of the event to be covered by the club insurance), non-club members are not covered for this event.
Since this run has also been voluntary, no registration fee, no registration form, the Board has decided that the liability and risks are too high.
There may be a possibility that the run may come back in the future, but until the potential risks can be eliminated, it is canceled until further notice.